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1-Elecrical supplies

The company always aims to provide the best in terms of the right price and the finest technical services based on accurate scientific engineering and this is because we have an experienced team that always makes us at the forefront.

Where we supply all electrical supplies

 (cables – lights – trays – contactors – distribution switches – motors – panels (control and power))


1-Manufacturing and supplying electrical panels (power and control)

-The Arab Company produces a wide range of low voltage panels up to 400 A .

– Supplying medium voltage panels .

The possibility of doing maintenance of the electrical panel . 

Industrial equipment and machines require defined functions and orderly control to achieve their various process goals. Electrical control panels carry out these functions within manufacturing equipment. An understanding of what they are highlights their critical importance to industry .


2- Establishing and distributing loads

We design electrical panels and distribute electrical loads for large and medium projects (companies – factories – administrative buildings – malls – hospitals – schools – tourist villages – villas) where work is done We make calculations of the actual capacity and install the appropriate cables, taking into account the safety limit for each cable.


3- Carrying out all machinery installation work

We have a distinguished team in the work of installing machines in terms of (trays- cables – panels) .

4- Installation and maintenance of overhead cranes

We install and maintenance  overhead cranes up to 50 tons, including:

1. Installing all cables for the over head crane.

2. Busbar installation.

3. Updating the winch panel to work with high efficiency.


5- Supplying &Rent electric generators with different capacities (daily – monthly – yearly)

We supply and rent generators with different capacities up to 1 megabyte, including all protection devices.


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